Year 5 Einstein – Finding Tales

Well done to the children in Einstein who worked really hard at home on their finding tales last week. It was a pleasure to read your stories and I wanted to share some of the great writing you handed in. Many of the stories were very original; you had great ideas for the objects that were found and the problems they caused for your main characters. Keep up the good work, everyone! Mrs Hateley


It was wet play again in Class 5F.  Oil paintings of previous headmasters and mistresses hung in their gilt frames, watching over Billy, and glistening in the light of the chandeliers. A few old tatty books had been strewn onto the bookshelf, and slit windows let only the tiniest amount of light in to the classroom. 

Billy wandered over to the bookcase, stood on a chair and took the game down from the topmost shelf. He’d seen Suzy and Danny hide it, but didn’t know what it was. The box was embossed with intricate patterns. Pictures of different animals were neatly placed to completely cover the lid. He imagined them all playing slap with him. He took off the lid and moved the instructions to find that there were no dice or counters. He rummaged around looking for them, then he remembered the spare dice and counter pot on the wet play table. He rushed over, grabbed a dice and two counters then dashed back towards the game. He laid both of the counters on the starting square. He called Amy over and asked if she wanted to play. She thought for a little while and then said “yeah why not.”  He rolled the dice, a seven. He moved forwards seven spaces and landed on an eagle.  The counters quivered, flew up in the air then clattered back down onto the board.

At that moment, an eagle shot out of the game. With a two metre wingspan it blotted out the remaining light of the dim classroom. With a snap of its pointed beak, it pulled down the chandeliers causing them to shatter on the ground. The room was as dark as night. His screeches were so ear splitting they shattered the windows. The sound of glass crashing to the floor echoed around the room. His glinting yellow eyes pierced through the darkness.

As quick as a flash, Billy grabbed a piece of flimsy string and threw it into the air.  With immense luck, he caught the eagle’s feet together and pulled it down to the floor.  It collapsed in a heap of feathers.  It was dead! In a panic, Billy swept everything back into the box.  As he did so, the eagle’s body disappeared, the chandeliers soared back up to the ceiling and the shattered windows reformed.  He put the lid back on with a sigh of relief, and the lights flickered to life.

The bell rang for end of play and everyone settled down for the next lesson.  Billy wondered to himself ‘I wonder what would come out of the box for someone else?’.  With a sly grin, he placed the box on the table where all the wet play toys were kept.


The afternoon sun shone above the field casting long shadows of a football goal, football and two boys.

‘Pass it to me!’ Shouted Alfie running down the field

‘All yours!’ Derek shouted back, passing the ball

Alfie booted the ball straight towards the goal, to the back of the net and through one of the ripped holes letting it roll all the way down the hill. After a lengthy run Alfie and Derek walked back to the house in hope for lemonade when Derek tripped over.  

‘Are you all right?’ asked Alfie

‘Yup!’ Derek replied getting up with a little bit of dirt on his face ‘I tripped over these marker pens!’ he said, holding a pair of pens

‘They’re our favourite colours! Blue and red!’ exclaimed Alfie ‘Let’s sign our football with them to make it look cooler

As they were starting to write all of the ink leapt out of the pen and onto the making a tar-like bubble and it burnt the grass around it, then it started to make weird shapes, after a while two blobs, slightly lighter in colour, popped out the top of the blob.

‘Eeeeewww!’ the boys groaned in union as they dashed across the field with the football and pens with the blobs squirming and duplicating behind them.

Alfie booted the football at one of the blobs who immediately set it on fire

‘Worth the try’ shrugged Alfie

‘Let’s try catching them in our pens!’ suggested Derek

Alfie caught an almost white blue blob and Derek caught a light red blob then all of the red blobs that were the same shade or lighter disappeared too.

‘We’ve got to catch the original blobs to destroy them all!’ Derek worked out

After lots of dodging, swerving and searching they finally found the right blobs and caught them.

 With a sigh of relief, the boys buried the pens in hope no one else would find them and use them. As they walked into the house they bumped into their little sister who was obviously excited to get outside. Their little sister, Daisy was going to make one of very special very muddy, topped with mud with a side of mud (and I shouldn’t be telling you this so don’t tell anyone but the secret ingredient is mud) and she found two pens.



In the library, sat a girl and her little sister side by side, reading a book about a brave knight and a beautiful princess.

” lily?” Wondered Eliza.

” Yes” lily replied

“Can I be the beautiful princess in the book one day, where I meet a brave knight?”  Eliza pondered.

“Of course you can, you`ll be the prettiest of them all!” Lily exclaimed.

“Yay!” She squealed.


Then she stopped and pointed towards the dusty corner, with an old fashioned book, with ancient runes scribbled on the front cover.

” Lily what`s that?” Inquired Eliza.

” I don’t know.” Lily said in a shaky voice.

“race you there, I want to read it!” Demanded Eliza.

“But… fine” she huffed.

Eliza skipped towards the book and with her right arm she grabbed the spine of the book.

“Can you read to me?” She asked.

“Fine” she replied.


Lily started to read as Eliza dusted the chair of with the sleeve of her navy jumper. She sat down and started to waft her sleeve about trying to get rid of the dust.

“Is this a fairy tale?” Lily thought in her head as she read aloud the weird letters and numbers.

All of sudden, a bright blue beacon emerged from the book, the floor rumbled and the colourful window panes rattled. The books on the shelfs fell off and the speakers that was playing calming music went static. Then a low growl filled the room, a massive cheetah leaped from the book and with a powerful roar it strode towards lily who dropped the book and scampered towards Eliza.

“LOOK!” Shouted Eliza and pointed at the page.

“It`s changed!” She exclaimed.

“Huh?” Lily whispered.

Eliza stood up with shaking legs. She crawled towards the book and grabbed the corner, rushed back and hid behind Lily. She then placed the book down for lily to read it.

” To stop the beast, you must feast, find a book that has the beast on the front that’s a cooking book!” She read out loud.

“Oh no” Eliza wailed.

“It`s ok,” she said as she comforted Eliza “I think.”

Lily then stopped patting Eliza as realised that she passed a cooking book with a cheetah on it at the back of the library.

“I have an idea!” Lily said in a whisper.

“What?” Eliza whimpered

“There’s a cook book with a cheetah on the front but it’s at the back of the library!” exclaimed lily .

“That’s a long way away though and what if it chases us?” declared Eliza.

“I know, I know” Lily uttered under her breath.

“I know it’s a risk but I’m going to go, run to collect the book and bring it back!” announced


“But it`s dangerous!” She said.

Before Lily could hear she was already sprinting towards the back of the library, with all the power she had she leaped and grabbed the book. She then rushed towards the other side of the cheetah and called out: to stop this beast, we must feast! All of a sudden, the cheetah vanished.

They then found themselves back at the seat with the book about the brave knight and the beautiful princess. They then saw their mum walking towards them, she had a warm smile and a stack of books. “come on girls!” She called out.

“We’re coming!” They said at the same time.

They walked home and when they tried to explain she just said it was just part of their imagination and it wasn`t true. They both saw out the corner of their eyes a little boy reaching to grab the book…



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