Year 6 Fairy Horror Stories

Yesterday, Year 6 started writing their ‘Fairy Horror’ tales after completing really detailed, boxing-up plans.  Their traditional tales with a twist should fill you with fear and tension.  Here are some first paragraphs… what do you think?

The large golden sun beat down on Mia and Tom’s heads as they raced each other into the forest. They soon found themselves surrounded by a cushion of vibrant bluebells and daffodils.  As they walked deeper into the forest they saw a tiny cottage, which they had never noticed before.  They could see swirling smoke coming from the chimney, they presumed someone must therefore be at home.  Mia and Tom were both thirsty from all their running and hoped whoever lived here may be able to let them have some water.  Cautiously the children knocked on the door.   

“Well hello there children,” exclaimed the woman.   

” Could we possibly have some water, as we are both so thirsty?” asked Mia. 

” Of course,” answered the woman pleasantly and invited them in. 

She gave them a glass of water each and also offered them some cake that she had just made that morning.  They soon felt so full, Mia suddenly noticed the time and realised how late it had got and said, 

” This has been really nice but we must be on our way!”  

They exited the little cottage and walked towards the edge of the forest. Now reader you may think that this is where the story will end but things are about to get much worse for Mia and Tom. 


On their way home, Lucy and her brother Thomas confidently took the short cut they always took but they saw a unfamiliar house that they had never seen before. The two children cautiously crept through the open gate and towards the apple tree where there was a single apple hanging from a thin thread of string. Making sure the coast was clear they carefully pulled the apple from the tree and took a bite! As soon as they took the bite they were drawn towards the archway of red roses. There was a hooded figure there and she enticed them into her house…


At last, they had found it.  

Rosalind and Philip were two young children, whose parents had set them on a journey to find the fountain of fortune. It was said that the well would give only to the worthy, but they were desperate. Their house was made of a farmer’s straw, hardly keeping the tortuous wind and rain out. Their bread was stale and rotten, hardly nutritious. And their money was scarce, hardly enough to keep the family of four alive. So, to combat this problem, the two parents, too weak to venture out into the treacherous woods themselves, sent their children off into the wild to save the starving family. And there they were, as the sun shone through the clouds and lit up the sparkling water, stood the fountain of fortune. Its marble body stood tall like a soldier in the light, its glistening water rippled whilst a bird drank, and its oak sign read; 

”for all those worthy, you may step closer. Take a coin and throw me in. 

you will not be disappointed, for I, the well, will fulfill your wishes. 

But if you have sinned, if you have thieved, or wronged someone pure of heart,  

You may not come closer, and if you try, I, the well, will turn your heart to glass.” 

”Coin? But, we don’t have a coin!” cried Rosalind. 

The clouds thundered above. 

Upon hearing this, the sun dropped a single gold coin and pushed the clouds away. 

Philip took a deep breath. 

”Well, that sorts it, doesn’t it?” 

Shaking, he picked up the coin and held it in his hands. 

”They didn’t tell us what to wish for‘’ Rosalind whispered 

”I know.” 

And with that, he threw it in. The silence seemed to last forever.


Amazing work- and there were many others too.  Looking forward to reading the next installments later today.
Mrs de Board

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