Year 4 – Super Writers!

Hello Year 4! It has been lovely to mark your work each day and see the fabulous things you are completing. We continue to be so impressed and proud with you commitment, determination and enthusiasm towards your learning – keep it up!

I wanted to share some examples of writing from today. Using these pictures and our knowledge of the desert, here are some of the sentences that were written using descriptive language and power of 3.

Jack’s sentences:

The scarab beetle scuttled across the sandy landscape, birds sung under the blistering sun and palm trees protrude into the sky.
Pyramids towered in the blistering sun, impressive sand dunes swept across the desert and the dry landscape seemed to go on forever.
Impressive palm trees danced in the breeze, the cactus stood by the trickling river and the landscape was barren.
The tumbleweed circled in the vast dry desert, the unwelcoming sun created blistering heat and the welcome breeze swept across the desert.
The river trickled through the golden sand, the huge pyramids in the distance and the heat poured from the blistering sun.

Ellen’s sentences:
The scorching hot sun poured into the desert, a scarab beetle scuttled along the boiling ground and tumbleweed rolled into a tropical river.
Huge pyramids dotted about, a cool river oozed and the sun poured onto the vast desert.
A cool river flowed along the dusty road, a scarab beetle scuttled along and the tropical palm trees stood proudly above.
Gigantic pyramids stood sturdily, the dust blew everywhere and a crystal river chattered away in the distance.
The fresh wind blew, a scarab beetle ran along and the pyramids stood above.

Here are some of the paragraphs that were written about a character arriving in the desert:

Imaan’s paragraph:
A moment later, Atheana found that she was somewhere new. The blistering, hot sun towered over the whole Sahara Desert drowning everything in heat (except for the River Nile). The cool, calm River Nile oozed with precious water waiting to be drunk and palm trees scattered around its edges. The fierce falcons were circling around the great vast pyramid with sandy tumbleweeds scraping its edges leaving dirty, rough marks.

Niamh’s paragraph:
A moment later, Rachel found that they were somewhere new. Within minutes she knew where she was, she stood paralysed in wonder, she was in Egypt. Tumbleweeds danced along the dry sand, the golden sun glistened and palm trees swayed gently. Spinning round, she saw a number of large pyramids which seemed to rule the skies.  These impressive pyramids stood tall and proud. Looking around she saw a scarab beetle scuttle with its tiny legs across grainy sand to hide beneath a cactus.

Keep up the great work everyone and I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow on the Live Meet – I wonder who our Stars of the Week are going to be?

Miss Vokes

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