Reception – Forest School

For today’s Forest School activity Reception had to be very patient and observant. I have loved looking the their photos on Tapestry, and enjoyed doing this activity today in school too. Why not read the details below, and have a go yourself on you next local walk? Mrs Read 🙂

‘Waiting to Meet You’
Did you know, there is a special tree in every woodland just waiting to meet you?
Find a thin stick and some wet mud. Use the stick to trace with mud the 2, 3 or 4 main lines on your palm (alternatively use a pen to mark these lines clearly – see photo).
Look carefully at this pattern, for the special tree you need to find will have this pattern too.
Look for it in the big branches, in the tiny twigs or in the bark.
Some of you may have further to explore than others but your tree will be there, waiting. You might look out of your window at the trees you can see outside, or go outside to explore your garden, or even be lucky enough to go on a local walk to find your special tree. Good luck, and take a photo when you find it!

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