Year 5 – Class Reader

Hi Year 5,

We are over half way through Phoenix by SF Said and I am really enjoying it, I hope you are too.  I love the vocabulary used, some are made up ‘alien’ words and the descriptive phrases are great.  Thank you for the lovely comments on the videos, it really makes me smile to read them.  Thank you also for emailing the teachers when you can’t access the clips,  I have edited them and they should be playing easily now, please do let us know if this is not the case.

Your sketches of what you think the characters look like and posters of phrases used in the text like ‘from the stars we all come… to the stars we will return’.  If you have sketches of related to the book that you would like to share please do email them to me or your class teachers.

The chapter I have recorded for Friday has a twist and is upsetting in places, I admit I fought back a tear!  It is another great chapter, I hope you enjoy it too.  Links to the videos can be found in your assignments on the ‘Class Reader’ channel of your Microsoft Teams page.

Happy listening.

Mrs Egan

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