Keep up the brilliant work Dahl!

What a fantastic first week back at school is has been so far! I am immensely impressed with your attitude and eagerness to learn; you have settled back into school incredibly well, with big smiles on your faces!

In our Jigsaw lesson this week, we enjoyed a long discussion about keeping fit and healthy by balancing our diet with exercise. It was fantastic to hear all of the different things we do and can do more of to stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We also explored different movements and exercises on our ‘trip to the seaside’ in PE, can you remember the exercise for front crawl? How about the exercise for treading water?

We used our PE lesson to help us identify an exercise which we enjoyed and also wanted to improve on. In Jigsaw, we created ourselves a challenge poster with a goal that we wanted to achieve! After deciding our goal, we created a table to log our progress towards our goal and drew a picture of us completing it. Some of us even started practicing in the classroom!

I wonder who will achieve their goal?


Keep up the good work Dahl!

Mr Howley

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