Einstein: Girl on a mission!


On Thursday, several members of staff had the pleasure of seeing this amazing work of art! Niamh has worked hard at home to make this brilliant space-blanket  – from crisp packets! Niamh took home the empty packets that would otherwise have gone in the bin. She then ironed each one of 48 packets together to make the blanket, which she wanted to make to give to someone who is homeless, to help to keep them warm. She is on a mission to make more blankets, and a local homeless charity is going to distribute them for her. Niamh, we are so impressed by your skill, creativity, and desire to give your time to help others.  What a fantastic example of reusing something that was destined for the rubbish bin and giving it a new life. Well done! We hope you are proud of what you have achieved. We are so proud of you.

The Year 5 Team

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