Recycle and the Environment Project- Sway 5

Over the past 5 weeks the fabulous staff at SDS have created a weekly Sway, 5 in total, to share with the children based on recycling and the environment. Each week has had a focus- animals, colour, food, places and the seasons. Within each week there have been facts and information about recycling and then activities linked to art, music and design technology. The project was born from the passion that the children across school have for caring for their environment, beginning at the end of the school lockdown and continuing over the past weeks. This Friday, it will culminate in all the children bringing their final projects into school for a showcase in their classes. This project has developed children’s knowledge and understanding along with bringing much happiness and creativity. Please see below the final Sway for the project and the previous four sways will be shared in the following blogs.

Sway 5- Seasons

This includes information on composting, completing an environment spring clean, creating wildlife sanctuaries, recycling clothes and charities that support this. In music, we learn about Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and how to make a stringed instrument. In art, how to make foil prints and in DT how to design and make planters from recycled containers, along with rain catchers and kites.

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