Recycle and the Environment Week 4- Places

Week 4 and news had spread about our project! The local council contacted the school as they were aware of our project and we were able to apply for a grant from them for a litter picking set. After our successful application, we will soon be receiving the kit to allow the children and staff to take care of our local environment. The children continued to complete their learning as part of their weekly home learning accessing the Sway via their Office 365 Team pages.  In addition, the first child who had received a green Blue Peter badge arrived wearing it with  pride. The first signs of spring came as the frogs and frog spawn appeared in the nature area of school, demonstrating the work that the children complete in this area is successful in keeping this a clean and safe area for wildlife. Projects were developing at home and photos of the work were shared with classes. The final week of the project was about to come and the exciting day of presenting our work was getting closer.

The learning in week 4 included-

  • Learning about wind generated power
  • Learning about BedZed an eco village in Sutton, South London
  • Finding out about sustainable homes around the world.
  • Learning from David Attenborough about the threat to our planet.
  • Finding out about the Rainforest and ways to save it.
  • Music- learning about different acoustics in rooms around your home. making panpipes and harmonicas from paper straws and lollypop sticks
  • Art- making fairy and elf homes from recycled materials.
  • DT- gardening and learning about plants and flowers that attract wildlife. Designing a wildlife area.

Please take a look at the Sway for Week 4 here-


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