Year 4 Art – Take One Picture

Hello everyone,

This term, we are starting our Take One Picture programme of work. This is a really exciting project that is linked with the National Gallery! The University of Northampton are also working alongside the project to see what impact it has on children’s learning. Part of their research involves asking permission for the children to complete two questionnaires throughout the project. The data submitted to the university is anonymous and all of the information can be found on the ParentMail that you will have all hopefully received. We would be really grateful if you could please complete the form, letting us know whether or not you give permission for your child to be part of the research element of the project. This will not prevent them from taking part in the Art lessons themselves.

If you have any questions regarding the ParentMail, please feel free to ring or e-mail the school office.

Many thanks,

Miss Harris and Miss Vokes

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