Year 3 – Science

Today in Year 3 we have started our new Science topic which is all about Plants and the parts of a plant.

We began by retrieving our knowledge of plants from previous learning and labelled a tree, a daffodil and a strawberry plant. The labels we added were roots, stem, leaves, flower, petals, fruit, bulb, seed, trunk, branches. When you’re out and about this weekend, can you have a look at any plants and trees that you find, to see if you can identify these parts?

We then conducted an investigation based on these hypotheses.

We then planned and carried out an investigation which we will use over the next 5 weeks to prove or disprove these statements.

To conduct our experiment, we have taken off some leaves, left one plant without water and taken out the roots of another plant. We will check back weekly to see what happens to our plants. What do you predict will happen? 

Well done Year 3

Miss Gedney

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