Year 3 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

What a fantastic first week back we have had Year 3! This week we have dived straight into A Midsummer Night’s Dream in English with a focus on Fairies including Puck, Oberon and Titania. We have started our preparation for the performance and music production which we are so excited to involved in.

After sharing all we know about fairies, we have now been introduced to the characters Puck, Oberon and Titania and how they are linked in the play. Can you remember a fact about each of these fairies?

  • Puck is mischievous and likes to play tricks on humans!
  • Oberon is the king of the fairies!
  • Titania has lots of magical powers!

We explored these characters through drama in order to really visualise and understand the roles of these characters in the play. Miss Gedney and I were so impressed with how engaged and enthusiastic both classes were! Taking on roles as directors and as Puck, Oberon and Titania, we created character photos to visualise and understand just what these characters might have looked like and how they might act.

We cannot wait to delve further into the play to find out more about the characters, the plot and also to continue the preparation and rehearsal for our performance.

Keep it up Year 3!

Mr Howley and Miss Gedney

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