Well done Wiggins and Robinson Class

Today we came to the end of our unit of work based around A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The children never fail to impress me with their understanding of our Shakespeare units. They loved the story, especially the comedy in it! Who could ever forget a story where the Queen of fairies falls in love with an actor who has the head of a donkey, especially when his name is Bottom?!

Throughout the unit, we have employed and developed a range of drama strategies and skills including sculpting and hot seating, with the children taking on the role of characters from the play. Today we listened to the music created by some of the Year 3 children at school which we all thought was fabulous and something we hope they are very proud of.

Our work culminated in writing poems called Behind the Door. We imagined coming across a magical door in the forest and stepping through it to enter the land of the fairies. Take a look at a selection of the wonderful poems written this week.

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