Year 4 Mozart – A great first day back!

What a lovely start we have had to the final summer term! There were lots of smiling faces at the door this morning which was lovely to see, and everyone has returned with lots of enthusiasm to learn lots and work hard.

In Maths today, we explored a range of different units of measure and developed our understanding of these. We had the opportunity to hold a range of different weights to help us compare grams and kilograms and gain an understanding of how heavy these are. We will continue to learn more about this throughout the week. We enjoyed our English lesson where we watched a video clip of a very interesting setting. To begin with, the setting was completely grey with people trudging to work. Then, something amazing happened – the setting came to life and was full of colour! We looked at the differences between similes and metaphors and used these to help us write a setting description inspired by the video. Finally, to end the afternoon, we enjoyed a great PE lesson on the field in the sunshine!

Well done everyone!


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