Year 4 Lennon-McCartney – Amazing Art day!

Yesterday, we had an amazing virtual experience with the National Gallery in London as we were unable to visit in person. We saw where the Gallery is located in Trafalgar Sqaure, looked at lots of images of the rooms and explored the architecture of the building itself. We then got to see the painting we have been studying – ‘The Finding of Moses’. It was really exciting to see the painting on the wall of the gallery and see just how big it is! The gallery staff were incredible impressed with all of the information and knowledge we were able to share with them about the painting, the artist and the story behind the picture.

The gallery then provided us with some additional activities to do at school, including drawing the frame of the painting on our playground and seeing how many children we could fit inside. The answer – our entire class!
We also made our own 3D galleries, designed the room layouts, frames for the paintings, wall designs and even added a few of our own masterpieces. Alongside this, we also put together the finishing touches to our final piece of work for the Take One Picture project. We can’t wait to share the finished outcome with you!

Here are some photos from our day for you to enjoy:

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