Reception Trip to Westlodge Farm

All of Reception have had a brilliant time on our first trip today. We have been to Westlodge farm park.

Our day started with lots of excitement as many of the children have never been on a coach before. We had a noisy journey with lots of chatter and singing!

Once at the farm we were greeted by farmer Charlotte, who gave us a tour of the farm and introduced us to all of the animals.

Then the children enjoyed the barrel ride around the park, and told us their favourite part was when the barrels went through the big puddle!

Next we stopped for a picnic lunch, which again was a first for many children as they usually have hot dinners at school.

Then in the afternoon we enjoyed watching the sheep racing and a big tractor ride around the farm to see some of the bigger animals in the fields.

The return journey was much quieter, and some children even enjoyed a snooze!

Well done Reception, a very enjoyable first trip out. 🙂


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