Year 2 Murray – Measuring the length of dinosaurs in metres.

Today in maths, we learnt that there are 10mm in 1cm, there are 100cm in 1m and there are 1,000m in 1km! We then used our understanding of measuring in metres to measure the length of different dinosaurs. To begin with, we ordered the length of different dinosaurs from smallest to largest. Next, in teams, we went out to the playground to measure out the length of the dinosaurs so we could see with our own eyes how long the different dinosaurs were. The longest dinosaur was a Brachiosaurus at 26m long! We worked together as a class to show how long it was and we were all amazed! Finally, when we cam back to the classroom, we chose two different dinosaurs and calculated the difference between the lengths of the dinosaurs.

Have a great weekend children!

Miss McGarrity

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