Another great week!

Mozart have had another great week this week! We have been learning about partitioning and ordering numbers in Maths, we wrote some ‘What am I? poems and boxed up the Mr Big text in English, and we did a very exciting experiment in Science where the children were able to watch candle wax melt.

Two particular highlights of the week were our PE and Art lessons. In PE, we learnt that we are a very competitive class, so we really enjoyed playing some games! The children displayed some brilliant teamwork skills and were cheering each other on, which was lovely to see. In Art, we focused on the stippling technique and began to add paint to our texture pages using art straws/twigs, and the children showed great attention to detail throughout. Next week they will move on to drawing real-life flowers, and I am really excited to see how these turn out!

Well done Mozart.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend – let’s hope for some more sunshine!




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