Ennis Class – what a fantastic week!












Well done Ennis Class for such a great second week in year 2. It has been wonderful to see all your smiles and determination.

In english we have continued our T4W unit and focused closely on our character Little Charlie, making continuous links to the our character toolkit. We have explored different grammar focuses such as alliteration, the power of 3 and simple similes to describe another character called Mr Twit and made lots of great contributions in class discussions.

In maths we have continued to practice odd and even numbers but have moved our focus to understanding 2-digit numbers. We have been problem solving by looking at a 2-digit number and using our noticing technique to figure out whether the 2-digit number is odd or even. We have used a variety of concrete resources such as counters, dienes and part-whole models to support our learning.

One of my favourite lessons this week was science. The children explored different materials further within their groups and discussed whether those materials, bend, squish, squash or twist.

Miss Fantozzi


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