Y3 Rowling – Amazing Artists!

We have had another fantastic week this week in Rowling class!

This afternoon, we had a lovely time practising and honing our art skills. Last week, we looked at the different face shapes and how a face can be drawn accurately using lines to place the eyes, nose and mouth.

This week we focussed on eyes and how to draw a realistic eye. We started by looking at the eye shapes and how our eyes change shape when we make silly faces!

Then, we practised drawing the different shapes in our sketch books using the ‘draw, reflect, practise and improve’ model. We drew, then practised a particular line or skill, reflected on our work and then improved. I’m sure you’ll be able to see how well we did!

Finally, we looked at tone and how to create different shapes with our pencil. Rowling class were already experts at this as they had done this in year 2 so, we made it slightly more challenging by having 6 different shades instead of 4!

Well done Rowling class for another fantastic week. Enjoy the weekend!

Miss Gedney

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