Reception are embracing Autumn

Well, the weather has turned and is starting to feel Autumnal, so Reception have embraced it and are starting to look at the changes.

This morning the children did a tour of the setting, looking at all of the new activities and role play areas to learn how to use each area safely and learn how to engage with them in purposeful play and learn whilst doing so.

Since then, the children have been accessing the setting and have been engaging with the tasks set. We have had some fantastic conversations and learning experiences,  where the staff were able to extend the vocabulary further still.

We have seen children playing in the role play area, pretending to be Percy the Park Keeper in his hut and planting seeds and looking after the park animals.

We have had great maths fun with leaves and conkers and some of the children chose to make some fabulous stick leaf puppets which they then used within the woodland floor small world area, whilst investigating the insects.

In the investigation area the children used great vocabulary to talk about the conkers and their shells. The conkers were round, smooth and shiny, but the shells / husks were very spiky. It was great that this word was used in context because it is one of our vocabulary words in critical reading this week, when we focus upon the story of ‘The Gruffalo’. We will talk about the purple prickles being spiky too.

I’m sure now that there will be lots of tired children, after their first full day at school. Sleep well tonight everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again in the morning. 😀



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