Hope Centre Harvest Collection

Today, Einstein, Dyson, Mandela and Churchill Classes met virtually with Eliza who works at the Hope Centre in Northampton.  She shared with us some information about the vital work that the Centre does to support homeless people.  We learned that 70 homeless people are fed daily, 150 families are helped weekly at the food club and there are 58 rooms available to support people who need help to regain their independence.  All 120 of the children listened brilliantly to the information and watched a short film about the different services the Centre offers.  Eliza explained that all the Harvest donations collected at school will be made available to all of the service users and families.  We finished with a question and answer session.  As always, the teachers and Eliza were impressed by the thoughtful enquiries and understanding of the difficult situations people find themselves in.  If you are available to donate tins or packets of food, or toiletries,  Please give them to your class teacher who will add them to the collection in the entrance hall.

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