Exploring and Creating

The children were so engaged in their learning today in Wiggins Class and what a variety of experiences we had!

Have you ever mixed shaving foam and sand together? Well, we hadn’t until this afternoon and it was brilliant! The children described it as cool, smelly, funny and soft, and it reminded me of cheesecake, not that we tasted it! We made marks in it and hid Numicon for others to discover.

Logan made a wonderful T-Rex picture by using leaf rubbings from our Autumn table. I think you will agree that it is very impressive and you can see how proud he was.

We also had an eight-legged visitor to our classroom but the less said about that the better! It did, however, provide a great opportunity to get up close with our magnifying glasses.

Nicholas became a builder, using his electric screwdriver to secure things in place, engrossed in filling his board with screws and following safety rules by wearing his builder’s helmet!

A wonderful, fun-filled day of learning and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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