Wow, another busy week of learning has flown by in Robinson class. This week we have been learning about how different religions welcome babies to their communities. We watched a short video of a christening and then re-enacted our own christening in the classroom. We had a vicar, mummy, daddy, baby, godparents and guests. We then thought about how the children would want to welcome a baby in their families.

At forest school, the children created leaf people using natural resources, they had to think about the shape of the leaves and the body parts that we have to create their final piece. The children painted the veins of leaves and printed them onto paper to learn about how the leaves are different because they come from different trees.

In Science, the children have been learning about what humans need to survive. In order to do this, the children became parents for the beginning of our Science session. Each pair were given a baby and had to use the resources in the classroom to support their child. The children considered how to feed the baby, keep it warm with blankets and clothes, keep the baby clean so it is healthy and cuddle the baby so it felt loved.

In History, we have been looking at changes in technology. The children began the session looking at different objects. The children had to predict what they thought the objects were which was very interesting. Lots of children guessed the CD walkman player to be a camera!! We then thought about how technology might change in the future.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Miss Leatherland

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