Year 6 Mandela: Web Page Design!

What a fantastic computing afternoon we have had in Mandela Class today. Following our mini lesson on Monday where we explored what makes a website and how breadcrumb trails work, today we got to work on planning and then creating out own website equivalent on Sway!

We started by planning what our website will be about and agreed that World War 2 and Remembrance Day would be fantastic ideas. Individually, we all planned our website considering where our headings, images and information will go.

Following this, we used our plans to create a Sway which included our individual webpages of information. We used our English and Key Skills research alongside our World War 2 essays as the information on our Sway and then used save and insert features to add pictures. Finally, we added an external hyperlink to provide additional information for our sites users.

Well done Mandela Class!

Mr Howley

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