Lots of exciting things in Robinson Class.

Wow I have just reflected on the last week of term and I am so proud and impressed with all of the amazing things we have been up to in Robinson class.

We have been working hard on our submissions for the Art exhibition competition ‘The future through your eyes.’ The children have thought long and hard about what they think the future might look like. Here are their ideas.

Declan- a chocolate world, filled with chocolate clouds, trees and homes.

Artur- you will be able to go into the game on your computer.

Grace- marshmallow people and candy floss clouds

Natalia- singing and dancing everywhere in the world

Sam- a world with gold washing machines that follow you around

Ethan- a world filled with rockets, aliens and planets in the sky

Archie- people will have penguins as pets

Zackary- a giant spaceship floating in the sky

Natasha- a world with UFOs, aliens and pink trees

Leo- a world where I am the ruler, I have pet hyenas and there are fire clouds.

I am sure you will agree their art work is fantastic and I cannot wait to frame it and send it off. The children’s work cannot be entered without the permission slip signed so please send them in as soon as possible.


In English, we have come to the end of our talk for writing unit- to write a set of instructions. The children ended the unit writing a potion for Halloween. They included all of the key features of an instruction text and I am very proud of their hard work. We finished the session creating our own exploding potions which was a lot of fun.


In forest school, the children went on a bug hunt to find as many creepy crawlies as they could. We then created leaf windows using paper plates and sticky plastic.


Other great things we have been up to include sharing books with our friends in the library, making pizzas and painting pumpkins.


Well done for a fantastic first term back at school.


Miss Leatherland

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