What is it? An interesting morning in year 1!

This morning in year 1 we found our classrooms trashed! There were sticks, leaves, trees and gigantic footprints leading a trail around Matilda and Paddington classrooms.

What has happened?

As we tried to figure out what had happened, the children shared their great ideas…

” It’s a Panda with black footprints!”

“A Bear has come into our school. I think it has broken the blinds as it climbed through the window!”

“Maybe it was a family of Bears and they were looking for food. The Daddy bear came into Matilda class, he has the biggest footprints”

“They have left a bag, maybe the bears forgot to take the bag of food with them? They might come back tonight”

” We need to ask Mike the caretaker if he saw anything last night when he closed the school gates”


Suddenly we heard the year 1 phone ringing…

” There is an unusual noise coming from the forest. Can year 1 investigate? ” said Mrs Fennelly.


Year 1 searched the forest for clues and found……


It was the Gruffalo!

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