Year 3 Rowling Geography – HS2

Rowling class have enjoyed getting stuck into their new geography topic this term, which is all about the new High Speed rail network – the HS2.

Before starting our new topic it was important to retrieve our previous knowledge about the continents and oceans. Can you remember the names of the continents and oceans in the world?

Once we had reminded ourselves of the continents and oceans, we then learnt about counties. We looked at which counties will be affected by the new HS2 route.

You might have heard about the HS2 in the news. This week, it was announced that the rail extension to Leeds has been scrapped. This will be a topic of conversation in our next lesson!

There are many benefits of the HS2, one benefit being that it will cut travel time in half. We used these facts to create posters this week to promote the HS2. However there are some negatives to the HS2 which we will explore next week.

It’s been a great start to the topic and we can’t wait to find out more!

Well done Rowling class 🙂

Miss Gedney

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