Eco’s Adventures in Paddington Class

Eco the Elf arrived in Paddington Class at the start of last week and what a busy week she has had with us!  She delivered plants for us to care for, challenged us to turn off our lights more often and even hid in Forest School ready for us to make a den for her and her friend Conker.  We think Eco is an environmental elf and Conker is a cheeky, playful elf.  As the week progressed we learnt more about Elves from a Report we received about them and we were even visited by an Elf Expert who answered some the questions we had about these unusual creatures.

The children in Paddington had a great time on Friday in forest school where they completed to build the tallest pile of autumn leaves, matched colours in the woodland with colours on a paint sample strip and listened carefully to the sounds around them.

We have been practicing recalling the pair of numbers that add up to 10.  The children have worked hard recording this in different ways including numicon shapes, drawing tens frames, using counters and beads.  It has been great to see the children feeling confident in their knowledge and able to support others in their learning.

In Science we went on a sound walk to listen to what we could hear around school.  We found that year 3 was the quietest area and the hall was the loudest.  The children were able to give reasons for what we found such as year 3 is quiet ‘because the rooms are empty’ and the hall is loud ‘because there is music playing.

During Design Technology we continued to think about what we could use in a fruit desert and the children used their own ideas to plan their design thinking about how to make it look interesting and making lists of equipment needed.  I am looking forward to seeing the designs created in our next lesson.

We have also been working extremely hard to perfect our Christmas performance.  I am really proud of Paddington Class, everyone is remembering their words and actions and performing with a great big smile.

What a busy week! I look forward to the week ahead, I wonder if Eco and Conker with have more to tell us about he life of an elf.

Mrs Egan

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