Matilda class- Making our fruit designs!

We have had a busy afternoon in Matilda class, making our fruit designs. In Design Technology this term we have been completing a project, eat more healthy food! In year one we have participated in fruit tasting, here we rated the fruit and used WOW to describe the taste of the fruit. The children then had a project to plan, design a healthy fruit plate. The children planned two designs before making a final design plan. The children wrote a list of the ingredients they needed for their fruit plate and considered how the plate would be displayed. Matilda class had great ideas, rainbow, faces, scenic landscapes, tropical islands, butterflies and many more!


Today we made our fruit plate, we talked about hygiene when handling and preparing food and had a sensible conversation about how to use tools safely. Here are some of our finished fruit plates.





Matilda class, I am so pleased with your commitment to designing, creating and making the best fruit plates! They all looked delicious!

Miss Twigg

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