The Tempest – Paddington Class

We have had a fantastic week learning about William Shakespeare and his play The Tempest.  The children were keen to share the facts they had learnt at home and we discovered where he lived, when he was alive and that he wrote his plays with a quill.  We were surprised to have a scroll delivered to use with with words ‘This is my island’ and now we think we know who the note is from!

Whilst listening to the sounds of a storm we have pretended to be on a ship in a raging tempest and we wrote about what we would hear, say and what we might say, ideas included:

“Ahoy there! Help we are sinking”

“It’s a disaster this tempest is breaking our ship”

“Run for your life because the boat is sinking like a stone”

“We need help because the rough waves are rocking this ship”

Today, we began to learn about the main character Prospero and we took turns to act as him and his daughter Miranda.  The children may be able to share some things they know about Prospero with their family members.  Next week we will begin to write a report about Prospero and discover other characters he knows on his island.

We have a great first week back, well done Paddington Class.  I look forward to learning more about The Tempest with you.

Mrs Egan

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