Year 3 – RSC Music Project

Year 3 had a fabulous day with John and George yesterday, writing, composing and singing our very own song that will be used in our performance with the NPAT RSC project.

In the morning, the children started their day by taking part in a music quiz in teams. They had to guess the name of the song, artist or film. Team Freedom ended the quiz with the most points!

After this, the children recalled the story and talked about their knowledge of Prospero and Ariel. John and George were really impressed! They then thought of words and phrases to describe the characters and feelings and shared with the group.

After break, George talked the children through the structure of a song, verse, chorus, verse. Then, they talked about rhythm and put theri ideas into phrases to create their song. By this point, a song was coming together!

After lunch, the children were able to use their voices and the microphone that John had to record their part. They could hear the backing track through the headphones to help them. It was brilliant!

Their song is titled ‘I just want my liberty’ and follows Ariel’s desire for freedom from Prospero.

Please have a listen to their wonderful song below!

Well done to the musicians in Year 3, we are so proud of you!

Miss Gedney and Mrs Harris

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