The Shipwreck!

This week we have explored the storm and shipwreck created by an angry Prospero and considered the feelings of a range of characters including Prospero, Miranda and Antonio. We agreed that despite the initial rage at noticing the ship carrying those who banished him from Milan, Prospero chose to calm the storm not just because of his daughter Miranda but because of his own guilt and pity too. We explored Act 1 Scene 1 through a range of drama activities including hot seating, performing in role and reporting on the wreckage in role as journalists.  We used these activities to support our work; writing a diary entry in role as Prospero (creating the storm), unpicking a range of newspaper reports and planning our own report all about the shipwreck and the storm. Additionally, we have been practising out artwork to complete our presentation pieces next week – we cannot wait to share our work with you soon!


Well done Mandela Class!

Mr Howley

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