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What a great week Paddington Class have had! At the start of the week we thought about how Prospero (from the play The Tempest) would move.  In a drama session we stomped our feet angrily, glided mysteriously and banged the staff on the ground grumpily.  The children were great actors and then had fantastic ideas to write in their report about the character.

As well as actors we are brilliant artists! We have been working on mixing powder paints to make different colours.  This involved making different shades of blue and practicing making lines and dots with the paintbrush.  These are skills we will develop for when we paint a seascape towards the end of the term.









We have been working really hard in maths too.  The children have amazed me and are now fantastic at recalling their number facts to total ten really quickly. We are now working on using this knowledge to perfect our recall of the number bonds to twenty.  Well done Paddington Class!

This afternoon we had a fantastic time at Forest School. We built dens for Prospero and Miranda, sailed Alonso and Ferdinand on a boat, pretended to be Prospero with staffs we found, cooked mud pies and made coffee for the islanders as well as planting some bulbs which we hope to see grow into beautiful spring flowers in a few weeks time.  I love the photo below of three of the boys planning their next adventure!

We hope to go on a woodland walk in the local area soon to spot signs of winter (a parentmail will be sent).  Parents of year one, if you are available on Monday mornings and would like to come and help on this walk please do let me know.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Egan





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