Year 3 – Drama with Silhouette

Wow! What an incredible day the children have had working with Leigh and Abbie from Silhouette Youth Theatre! As part of our Shakespeare unit of work, Year 3 have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to create a performance that will be part of a virtual showcase. A few weeks ago, one group of Year 3 children enjoyed composing and performing a song which the second group of children will perform to. Our morning was spent learning lots of different drama techniques by playing lots of different warm up games. We then moved to exploring the character of Ariel and the character of Prospero. Using our knowledge of the play, we were able to bring these characters to life by using our bodies, faces and voices!

We then began to practise adding some spoken elements into our performances. Leigh and Abbie taught us the importance of being able to act when speaking, but also reacting when our character is being spoken to. By doing this, we were really able to show how both Prospero and Ariel felt during a scene from the play.

This afternoon, we have continued to explore the characters further, combing spoken elements with some of the character work from earlier in the morning. Both Leigh and Abbie were really impressed with the children’s understanding of the play and the quality of their performances. We cannot wait to see the final performance!

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