Robinson Class

Good afternoon,

We have had another wonderful week in Robinson class.

In English, we have been learning about non-fiction texts and how to write a non fiction text. We have been using the text ‘Rainbow Dragons’ to spot the key features and understand what makes a non fiction text different to a fiction text. The children worked together to form their own mythical creatures. Using the computers, the children found pictures of four different animals to create one mythical creature to describe. We had pugs with lions heads and dragons wings, penguins with panda tails and cat heads and many more. The descriptive language was fantastic. Next week we will write our own reports on our creatures.

In Maths, we have been learning about weight. We have been using balancing scales and non standard measure to work out the weight of different fruits. Once we understood the terms heavier, lighter and the same as we used gram counters to weigh the fruit again and compare the weights.

In Art, we have been learning how to creature different textures. We created a beach scene using a toothbrush and a paintbrush, it was great fun.

In RE, we have been learning about how different religions show kindness and how their god teaches them to care. We learnt that in the Christian faith, god believes everyone is your neighbour and that you should treat everyone the same as someone you care about. We thought about how we care for each other and how we show that we care.

In Geography we have learnt about the 7 continents. The children have learnt a very catchy song to remember the continents. Can you sing the song to a grown up?

We have had a great PHSE lesson today where we considered our dream and goals and how we will reach them. The children shared their dream jobs, where they want to live in the future, how they want people to describe them when they are a grown up and what hobbies they would like to have.

In Forest school we have been learning about birds and how to work as a team. The children used the den building resources to create their own dens and role play games. It was a fantastic session and I was a very proud teacher to observe all of the children working and playing together as a team. The children went on a walk around the forest to find signs of birds. We discovered two birds nests and could hear the birds tweeting to each other. We thought about the different birds that migrate to warmer climates and the birds that stay in their homes. The children wanted to help the birds through the winter so we made bird feeders.

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