Year 5 – Einstein

We had a busy start to the week today, in English we used a drama technique called ‘conscience alley’ to think about how the character was feeling at a particular part in our story and what his inner thoughts might have been when he picked up the mysterious package in our model text ‘Middle of Nowhere’ which is a suspense story.

In Science this afternoon we carried out an experiment to test how the size of the solid effects how quickly it dissolves. We tested four different types of sugar; sugar cubes, caster sugar, granulated sugar and icing sugar. We timed how long each mixture took to dissolve and create a solution and we wrote up our experiment, drawing conclusions from our our findings.

We have left four petri dishes filled with a salt water solution on the side to see what happens to them over half term.

In maths we are comparing and ordering fractions this week, it was tricky today but we had some great determination which really helped us to be successful.


Well done Year 5!

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