Dahl Class – Happy Half Term!

Dahl class have had a lovely end to what has been a great week! This morning, we started to generate some ideas for the portal story that we will continue to plan, and begin writing, after half term. There were some really imaginative ideas as to what kind of portal a character might find and where it might transport them to. From magical books, mysterious doors to an intriguing treasure chest, there were so many creative ideas! We are really excited to finish planning and begin writing these stories after half term!

After lunch, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon of Art. Last week, we learnt about an artist called David Hockney and explored his use of bold colours and texture in his landscape paintings. This afternoon, we have used our watercolour skills in order to replicate some of the techniques he used.

Well done for another great term Dahl class. You have all worked really hard and should feel very proud of yourselves!

Have a wonderful half term break and I look forward to welcoming you all back to school in just over a week!

Mrs Harris

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