National Science Week

It’s National Science Week this week! In Year 6, we have explored, created and discovered through a range of practical activities, all linking back to this years theme of ‘Growth’. In our Science lesson, we explored how big we can make slime grow and how our minds experience things around us! In this activity, we used our engineering skills to investigate what factors affect how stretchy slime is and recorded our findings; then using our mathematical findings to compare how stretchy our slime is compared to other stretchy items such as an elastic band.

Following this, we explored the power of our minds and how we see and experience the world around us differently. Our brains use rules and guesses so we can understand what our growing bodies sense. We investigated a series of optical illusions, discussing and recording how our minds work in different ways.

Well done Year 6!

Mr Howley, Mrs de Board and Mrs Greener

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