Some great science and maths work in Reception!

This week, across the country, schools are celebrating Science Week. This year’s theme is ‘Growing’.

This fits beautifully with our new Reception Talk for Writing unit which is learning, then following and writing sets of instructions for ‘How to grow a bean plant’.  It also fits our Jigsaw theme of ‘Healthy Me’ where we have been learning about how to keep our bodies fit and healthy and what we need to help us grow.

One of the things we have been investigating is measuring the growth of our own bodies. We used string as a non-standard measure to find our heights. We found things that are taller than us and shorter than us. Finally, we used cubes as a simple standard measure to measure some beanstalks.

Lots of fun learning, but also lots of science and maths vocabulary being used too.

Great work Reception! 😃

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