Thank you Wiggins Class!

A really big “thank you” to the wonderful hard-working children in Wiggins Class. We have had another fabulous week of learning together.
We have worked hard using a range of construction equipment, finding ways to join things together. Some of the children created a robot in the courtyard and we have made houses from the wooden blocks. The children pretended to be the little pigs and the big bad wolf and tried to blow down the houses! It took a lot of huffing and puffing!
With such sunny weather, we also explored water play and used hoops to make huge bubbles which was great fun. The children have thoroughly enjoyed spending more time outside this week so fingers crossed that the good weather continues next week.
In Forest School, we focused on collaboration and safety. The children learnt how to drag big branches safely around the setting when they were collecting them to make dens. With wellies on, they also dug little holes and filled them with water from the watering cans so that they could have a good splash in the muddy puddles. We also practised our balancing skills in the forest, carefully walking on our branch and tree trunk balance course.
Today we went out and about in the minibus. We drove into the countryside and looked for different geographical features. The children absolutely loved the trip and there was a lot of laughter, story telling and a spot of singing! When we got back to school, we sorted pictures out into the things we saw and the things we didn’t see. It was such a shame that we didn’t spot a beach or a cave but we did see a forest, a farm and some wind turbines amongst other things. We hope to build more trips into our weekly plan moving forwards.
After such a busy week, I really hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and that the sun continues to shine so that everyone can spend more time outside.

Mrs Haigh


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