Paddington Class – Forest School

We had a great afternoon in Forest School to end another brilliant week.  The children came across a magic work station and found ‘unicorn blood’ ‘newt’s eyes’ ‘frog legs’ and ‘rays of sunshine’. The task was to collect ingredients for a magic potion from the woodland and add them to a magic potion pot before adding drops of the special liquid ingredients.  The children then found sticks to become magic wands and made a magic spell.  Some children chose to write their instructions, there were lots of great ideas, we had spells for:

  • making you a brilliant footballer
  • making you invisible
  • Making time go quickly so your birthday comes
  • Extra sunshine drops make everyone extra happy

The children showed create problem solving and team work skills.  Other children made bow and arrows and many continued to enjoy the mud kitchen.  We received a delivery of a new mud kitchen today so we are all very excited to use that on our next Forest School session.

Well done Paddington Class, have a great weekend!

Mrs Egan


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