History Across The School

The children across school have been asked about their history lessons this term, it has been great to hear the excitement around school about this subject and the topics covered.  Some of the comments made were:  

“I like learning about what Northampton used to be like and how it changed” 

“Learning about what people had to do in the past is interesting because it is different to how I live.” 

“I think it’s cool that Northampton Football team are called the Cobblers because in the past people here were called cobblers when they fixed shoes.” 

“The Great Fire of London started in Pudding in 1666, I’ve been there but the buildings are different now they are not wood now.” 

These are the topics being learnt across the school this term:  

Year 1: Northampton and the history of shoes 

Year 2: The Great Fire of London  

Year 3: The Anglo- Saxsons 

Year 4:  Changing Power of Monachs from 1066-1603  

Year 5: Ancient Greece 

You have been sent a Knowledge Organiser with key facts about these topics to support your child’s learning.  Northampton Museum has a lot of information and displays about the local history of the area – it’s free and well worth a visit – maybe you could go there over the weekend or at half term. 

Best wishes

Mrs Egan and Mrs Harris – History Leads

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