African Masks!

Over the past two weeks, Mandela have been learning how to manipulate, shape and model clay- drawing upon their learning from previous years using this material. We started by recapping how to make a pinch pot, this helped us to recall and practice some of the finger movements required when working with clay. Following this, we focussed on how to create eyes and lips – I was so impressed with the detail and focus which went into these. Everyone listened carefully to instructions and were able to create realistic looking eyes with eye lids as well as lips. This enabled us plan for our African Mask! After researching African designs and patterns and sharing our thoughts and ideas, we

Applying the skills recapped and learnt over the past two weeks, everyone created an intricate, carefully designed mask. The children followed their plans with care and attention to create some fabulous masks!


Well done Mandela!

Mr Howley

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