Another great week in Mozart class!

We have had a lovely week this week. The children have spent time planning and writing their explanation texts based on ‘why something occurs’. We brainstormed ideas for this together, and the children had some brilliant ideas, including why turtles have shells, why bananas are curved, why lemons are sour, why people speak different languages etc. I was very impressed by the range of ideas they came up with!

They then chose their favourite topic and produced some brilliant writing outcomes, ensuring that they included varying sentence starters and causal signposts.

We also had good fun in Computing this afternoon, as the children learnt how to create their own branching databases on a program called J2 Data. They were asked to think of the attributes different animals had in common, and then ask yes or no questions in order to create a branching database. They all really enjoyed this activity and clearly thought very carefully about the questions they needed to ask for it to work!

On another note, the children have been working extremely hard in improving their times tables knowledge, and many of them are now achieving a fantastic 25/25 on their soundchecks. This regular practice will really help them when it comes to their Multiplication Check in June – well done Mozart, we are so proud of all of you!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Robson

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