Year 5 and 6 Online Safety

On Monday, Einstein, Dyson, Churchill and Mandela classes participated in a day of online safety activities called ‘Do you Accept’?  After completing a questionnaire about our own use of devices, we watched a film about three people whose past decisions on line were analysed by a mysterious voice from the Data Deletion Service.  This was followed by a live zoom call with the characters in the film as well as a facilitator from the Cherwell Theatre Company.  We asked the characters questions and then worked with the actors on a series of drama activities to investigate the story lines in more detail.  It was a wonderful, informative and immersive day where we learned a lot about online safety in an engaging and memorable way.

Mrs Fennelly then received the following feedback from the course facilitator:

I just wanted to get in touch regarding the workshops we delivered to Y5&6 yesterday as both myself (lead facilitator) and the actors were inspired by your children and their approach to bullying.
We have delivered a lot of these workshops to schools and the same (very valuable) things come up a lot of the time.   However with your groups, in the forum theatre when we are trying to find ideas to deal with a bully all four of the Y5&6 groups came up with the idea to see if the bully was ok or needed support with anything in their life..  I have never heard this before in any of the Do You Accept? workshops I’ve delivered.  I had to point it out to students and staff and Mrs de Board explained that you have anti bullying ambassadors and don’t use words victim and bully but instead try to get to the root of the problem.
We are all very proud of the children’s maturity and engagement in the sessions and so pleased that visitors see the impact of the work we do in school.
Well done Upper Phase!
Mrs de Board

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