Reception and our last session at Forest School

Wow, what a fabulous last session of Forest School in Reception! We started off by having a picnic snack in the shade. Once finished we talked through the activities. As well as the usual activities, the children could choose between exploring the pipes and ramps with water or stones. (They found that the stones and water flowed faster down steeper ramps.) They could also choose to draw a picture of what Forest School means to them. (This was a nice calm activity for children who didn’t want to run around.)

We discussed the weather and talked about the importance of having our water bottles and to keep drinking regularly, so the children knew to return to the benches for a drink and to refill their bottles from the jugs we had taken with us. We also said about the importance of sun hats and sun cream, but fortunately it was lovely and cool in the shade of the trees.

To end our session, as a special treat, the children all had an ice pole to cool down and celebrate our fabulous year of Forest schooling, where everyone has learnt so much about nature, the world around us and Scientific and Geographical concepts.

A thoroughly enjoyable session! Well done Reception for always behaving so well and following the safety and behavioural expectations whilst exploring. We have had a brilliant year exploring with you. You are all stars!


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