Robinson Class

Robinson class it has been a pleasure to teach you all this year, we have had so much fun together and I cannot believe how much learning we have done.
We started our day at the talent show where we watched Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Wiggins perform. It was amazing to watch all the different acts and we all sat beautifully and waited for Zackary to sing on behalf of our class.
After the talent show, we had an hour of Science experiments. We used mentos to explode coke, made erupting volcanoes, colourful rainbows and bubble snakes. We had so much fun.
This afternoon we are going to have our leavers party. Well done for an amazing year and I cannot wait for more adventures in September.

Have a great holiday and stay safe!

Miss Leatherland

Most likely to become prime minister- Leo

Most like to win an Olympic medal – Natasha

Most likely to own a business – Sam

Most likely to perform at Glastonbury- Grace and Zackary

Most likely to have art in a gallery- Declan

Most likely to win Wimbledon- Natalia

Most likely to be knighted- Declan

Most likely to be a doctor – Ethan

Most likely to be a fashion designer- Grace

Most likely to be an explorer- Archie

Most likely to invent something- Sam

Most likely to write a book- Leo

Most likely to design a game- Artur and Natalia


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