House Captains, Vice-Captains and Sports Captains

There was a buzz in Year 6 today when we held elections for the school House and Sports Captains. The children who chose to stand for election read aloud speeches they had written in their English lessons this week. What a fantastic job you all did! Whether you were elected or not, you should all feel very proud of yourselves, as you spoke brilliantly about all you had to offer. You really were all fabulous!

The children enjoyed casting their votes and there was great excitement when the results were announced!

Many congratulations to the children who were elected:

to represent Red Unicorns, Sophie,  Scarlett and Nikki,

to represent Green Dragons, Ewan, Genelia and George,

to  represent Blue Knights, Grace, Jude and Ella,

and to represent Yellow Wizards, Tommy, Ellen and Lucy.

Again, a huge well done to everyone who took part.

Year 6 Team



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