Wonderful Readers in Wiggins Class

This week we have spent lots of time sharing books with each other. Story time is one of my absolute favourite times at school and we have the most beautiful books to use. We have been practising our book handling skills, finding our favourite pictures, hunting for characters in different books and reading lots of words and sentences. We have also had a focus on predicting what and who we might see in different books, a really important reading skill. This morning we had a fifteen minute lesson when we shared special books from my cupboard! We found our favourite ones, shared them with friends and then listened to a wonderful story about families, a lovely start to our day.

If you get the chance, it would be lovely to hear that you have visited the library with your children to borrow a book.

This week we have also been learning about direction. We played games where we moved forwards, backwards and sideways and then consolidated our understanding by programming cars to move in these ways.

Music bugs saw the children being chefs and using their wooden spoons to beat their mixing bowl drums and pop the bubbles in time with the music.

Climbing, cooperation, collaboration and strength building exercises were a focus in Forest School yesterday. The children worked hard to solve problems and find things hidden in the forest.

Such a busy and productive week!



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